What’s the deal with elite censoring?

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  1. I posted 2 sentences answering when I think oil would go down and you pulled it. All I said was oil won’t good down until Bush is out of the white house because it’s fixed. What’s wrong with that and why can’t I have that opinion. What did I do that was so over the line? Anyone please tell me
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    I deleted that post. Political conspiracy theories are not allowed in Econ, no matter how strongly you believe them.
  3. It’s not a political conspiracy just an opinion . Bush is an oil guy and is not going to be as tough on that industry as another president would. If I remember right Enron was sued from CA for manipulating Energy prices right? Oil is pretty much a monopoly business and if it’s not artificial price inflation then why are Oil companies having record quarters. Why did Exxon make 8 ½ billion last quarter if all there cost is going up too? The censorship is a little over the top and I don’t think I said anything so bad. If you challenge Bush you are censored are we becoming a communist state or something? I am sure you’re a good guy but are you a Republican by chance? If you are I don’t think it makes you a bad person but I do think Bush is very lax on oil companies.
  4. I had post this article: Bush is dead wrong in the econ forum before the elections and it was wiped. The author is a respected noble prize winner working at Columbia University. Its ok to post 400 threads about a fictitious housing collapse but anything against Bush and its gone.
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    Politics in general is not for Econ. While it is true that it does impact the economy, political discussions quickly degrade into flaming ragefests of wild rantings.

    Should you wish to discuss such topics, you are free to post in CC.
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    From some of the bizarre comments I've read here, the mods seem to err too far on the side of free speech.

    Posters here have nothing to whine about.
  7. Actually, it is better characterized as an oligopoly.
  8. your right i was wanted to use that term but forgot the word.
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    You mean an oiligopoly?

    nitro :D
  10. Your sense of humor is rather on the crude side, whereas mine is decidedly more refined.
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