What you want to do is to contact us

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    What you want to do is to contact us

    Dear friend ,Do you like one molecule of wow world?It answers to be , please accept we most sincere service .

    We whether one like player of wow wrold, so we is it appear again for Wow enthusiasm and hard to like .

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  2. So let me get this straight your trying to sell fake money for a internet game on a trading forum?

    Before I ban you I just want to understand what your spamming. :)
  3. I just want to understand what they said:confused:
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    "wow world" = WoW = World of Warcraft. A massively multiplayer online role-playing game, published by Vivendi Games (a sub of VIV.PA), with around 7 million subscribers and generating over $1 Billion in revenue. :)
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    yeah, it looks like someone who's trying to sell WoW gold
  7. I love how they spam in game that Christmas is coming in trade chat...