What you think of these options results ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by NickBarings, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. It says it is backtested results, not actual performances...

    everything looks good when you backtest cause you just keep looking for the strategy that worked in the past and fit it...

    Would be more impressed if that were their ACTual trading results. :D
  2. mahras2


    Best line there:

    You need either one of these two things to be a straight up options writer:

    A) Balls
    B) Ignorance

    Ask the proprietor of that website which one fits his bill.
  3. *shrugs* selling cheap gamma via index otm strangles provides no edge whatsoever. Ignoring leptokurtosis, otm's are fairly valued.

    [edit]Haha, these are hypothetical fills and commission wasn't factored in either. This strategy is definately underwater at best. Another snakeoil salesman at work.

    Save your money.