What you got against Timmay and the book?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by timvodas, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. timvodas


    You guys are jealous of me. I made a lot of cash while you suckers lost it all. Thats all I have to say.
  2. We all know Sykes/timvodas: Return = < 1%/yr:

    Tim, Truth is all your other trades, if they were worth a shit, would have off-set CYGT; but instead you closed Cilantro/Sykes hedge fund because the farce was over!!

    Problem: Timmay needs money to pay rent:

    Thus, it is now time for timmay to try to sell his infamous and useless snake oil shit at ET to make a living; but we are not idiots like you!!

    ...totally busted...So, what we have is: Tim Sykes who goes from failed Fund manager to dvd/book snake oil salesman, who's family members no longer trust for money advice...

    ..so look out newbies/suckers here comes Timmay BullShit Express (TimSays: "please buy my book/dvd i am a loser who needs money and does not want a real job").....
  3. timvodas/timmay didn't you promise 2-3 times to leave ET..

    ..we are waiting for you to keep your word..
  4. Surdo


    STOP responding to this asshole, all you are doing is feeding him attention.
    "What you got against Timmay and the book? "

    Sykes must be drunk or high; ... the loser used to lie/deny that he used aliases: timvodas/Sorcerer....

    Now he admits it...
  6. Surdo


    What did you prove?

    I think Bright ASSHOLE is TIMMAY!
  7. Uh...hhmmm..........he he he.. ....yes TimSykes/timvodas/Sorcerer that must be correct:

    We at ET are jealous of the Sykes BullShit empire...

    ...yes, that must be the problem, so move on and ignore us and ET since we are ..he he he... how you say "jealous".....
  8. TimVodas is not me, I don't know who this guy is, but I've just reported him. Sorry Tim, but when you pretend to be me, you gotta go
  9. Thanks Timmay for getting that straight...

    We here at ET are, of course, insanely jealous of you, the great dvd salesman: Tim Sykes (just not quite as jealous of your various aliases..)....
  10. No, I would never talk like that. There's nothing to be jealous of, I'm just a smalltime trader with a big mouth. Vodas is outta control
    #10     Oct 7, 2007