What year would nitro have 1,000,000 posts? (Find out here!)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ROCK SOLID, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Assuming he continues posting at his current rate, he would have 1,000,000 posts in the year 2479.

    He will have 10,000 posts in the year 2006.

  2. ElCubano


    Of course this is assuming technology doesn't make anymore advancements...
  3. that's assuming more people don't find out what a scam he is. He sits there in the chat room with his pretend trading and pretend profits, then sucks up to Baron or anyone with clout with sob stories about how someone needs to be banned. What a joke of a guy.
  4. I'll just create a macro for him that would reply to every thread with:

    "Yeah, I agree"







    It'll post every 60 seconds...
  5. burnin


    is the epitomy of a decent guy :)
  6. I wouldn't get all heated up about nitro's posting:

    ******** is a Charter Member
    User Name: ********
    - A Registered Fool Since May **, 1999
    Real Name:
    Interview: Read a Foolish Interview with ********
    City, State, Country: ********
    Total Posts: 53269
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  7. Why would anybody be interested in that?
  8. UCLA


    Sooner than me, : )