What Year Are We In?

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  1. Regarding the title: No, I don't think you guys are retarded.

    Neither am I. :D

    I would like to run a poll/thread discussing similarities between current market/economic conditions and those of select historical intervals (years to keep it simple). So, I need suggestions for the years that show some similarity to 2010. the most popular years suggested in this thread will be put in a poll and we could discuss the similarities and implications going forward in that thread.

    I am thinking 2004 and 2007 could be good candidates.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. 1981. Buy stocks.
  3. Maybe somewhere between 2004-2007. 1981? Not the proverbial "snowball's chance".
  4. 1984. See Orwell.
  5. THAT, for sure.!! Thought OP was asking about the markets.
  6. interesting: 1980 had 40% run-up, 10% unemployment.


    1984 is a good one too :D :(
  7. Things are more like they are today than they have ever been before.
  8. ?......1931, 1973, 2001. :eek: :D :eek:
  9. It is a combination of 1939 and 1976 at this point, which I showed tremendously conclusively in another thread. The similarities are remarkable. And it speaks to a kind of supercyclicality.

    There is no other answer that deserves even a moment's consideration!

    (Not sure how to link to another thread though.)
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