What would your last day of work be like?

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  1. I just took a major gamble here. I got my accounting designation, but yet I have decided to stay in this low paying accounting job which offers time flexibility. This to me, means I could focus more time on doing something I love--trading.

    I know it's a hard, humiliating, and painful road to become a highly profitable trader. There are a lot of sacrifices that one must make. To keep the dream alive, one must stay positive. For me, I stay positive by thinking about how my departure from this low paying job would be if I became a highly profitable trader.

    So, when I became a highly profitable trader, this is what I would do at my last day of work:

    9:00am - Enjoy a continental breakfast at a 5 stars hotel.

    9:30am - Arrived at the office with my Bentley Continental GT instead of taking the bus.

    10:00am - Discuss with my manager regarding a raise just for fun.

    11:30am - Treat my favourite co-workers to lunch at a restaurant where the CEO goes to.

    12:30pm - Work & Chat.

    3:00pm - Announce that I have acquired a signaficant amount of shares in the company and is now the major shareholder.

    3:30pm - Give a performance review to the CEO.

    4:30pm - Let my ex-manager knows that I don't need his raise and give him a performance review.

    5:00pm - Leave the office and get ready to go to Las Vegas for a vacation.

    Feel free to add your own "last day of work" Also, if you have already became a highly profitable trader, please let us know what fun and crazy things you did on your last day. Thanks!

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  2. (Noticing a picture of an island) "Vacation spot?"
    "Actually, it's a picture of my house."
    "It's an island."
    "Well, technically it's a country."
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    i c your day going more like this.
    0700 wake up eat breakfast
    0730 scan the markets watch tv etc
    0930 u call the courier service and make sure the package was delivered to your boss
    that package incudes a dvd of you trading, making more in one week then he will make n a year and the sound track over it is
    take this job and shove it.
    of course it would be even more entertaining if you were to instead, vid a big dump with the same song being played at the end of the short clip you pan to your face and flip him off with both hands.
    the end .nice dream
  4. LOL I love the idea of flipping the boss off with both hands. Why not doing it live in person? :D
  5. I happen to enjoy my Job that I have now, and I often find myself running the candle at both ends and wishing for more waking hours.

    But when I worked for "The" Consumer Finance Company 20 years ago...

    After giving my DM a 2 week resignation letter, I would proceed to:

    1) Take my Secretary out to lunch and put a flower on her desk each morning until I left (I should have done this more often).

    2) Give the illusion to my "crawling over bodies to get ahead" Asst' manager that he was next in line.

    3) Call that head hunter up and tell him that I was interested and get an offer on the table....(this is for later)

    4) When the Regional Manager called me, I would reflect to him that I had an offer on the table and hint to its package. I would leave it on top of my briefcase for the DM to accidentally see. Then I would wait for the politics to unravel.

    5) The last day I would not show up to work and change my home telephone number.

    There is more....but I do not feel like "living" this over again...

    Michael B.

  6. Being able to earn enough money through trading to quit your job is quite an accomplishment I must add. Also, it was nice that you treated your secretary well and that you exited the company in a subtle sort of way.

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    if it gets so bad you cant wake up in the morning after the alarm goes off for an hour or 2 . its best to just find something else to do. i did that long ago and a store didn't open i found it hilarious.
    i should of left that dvd.
    c pension now your enabled with ideas i guarantee if you do what i suggested they'll never forget you.
  8. No doubt! I could be the legend that they will be talking about for years to come! :p
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    I just had my last day on the job recently. We had a little meeting and they told me to take a hike, I told them about the attorneys that were going to be coming for a visit so they told me to take a hike with a nice severance package. All in all it was more than I had hoped for. The strategy research sped up significantly after that for two reasons: 1) I'm really going to need the income 2) I don't have to be worried about that last day on the job any more, or any day on any job anymore, yessss........ WIN stands for Work Is Nonprofit.
  10. There is a theory that if you are out of work then you will be more creative and serious about making money. When you have work, then you are more comfortable and so you dont have to trade/invest as seriously. I suspect that if you were jobless, then you would probably become a better trader.

    However, you never know when the market will turn. All of the indications point to a turning in the market within the coming months. Will the market actually turn? Will you see it coming and will you be prepared for that eventuallity? When things happen in the market, they seem to happen very quickly without much notice.

    The market has done quite well in the last 2-3 years and these last few months especially. The more recent posts on this message forum indicate that a lot of people simply want to quit their jobs to do this for a living. This isnt unreasonable as most jobs are certainly unpleasant.

    While it looks nice out right now, there will come a day when you least expect it when a storm comes to town. The unemployment claims chart is very telling. When the chart is at its lowest and people feel most comfortable, thats when we all should fear.

    If you ask me, if your voluntarily resigning, then it should be done in the classiest and most professional way possible. While the future is bright now and you might have a pile of cash, you never know when you might need these guys again.

    The time you should feel least comfortable is the time when you feel most comfortable.
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