what would you say to your broker if...

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  1. hey .i was short from friday 1000 shares ONNN .what would you say to your broker (my broker is thinkorswim)if you send buy limit order for 1000x9.58 and you hitting a bid ,must wait for 15 seconds and not get a fill then try to cancel but cannot do that (price drops at that moment)and after 23 seconds you get a fill for 9.58 when the price at that point 9.51.and at the end of the day you get a message that your cancel order is expired.
  2. hey thats not all .what would you say to him if you send to buy 2000 shares of qqqq market order and it takes 5 seconds to get a fill
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    If I was your broker I would tell you thats exactly how this game is played.

    The MM and brokers are out there to make money, sometimes at your expense.

    Learn how to use level II quotes and ECN and you will play the MM and not have to put up with their crap.
  4. what this has to do with level 2 quotes or ecn's what are talking about .my broker is screwing me
  5. what wuld you say if someone came and posted on elite trader with no grammarz skills and made huge run-on sentence and said they were trying to cover a short by "hitting a bid"

    Give me a break.

  6. how meny languages do you speak
  7. exactly, well put.
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    thats why it is necessary to go to one of the trading schools and learn how to play the game as a market maker.
  9. any of you wizards that posted here are you even profitable?
  10. So why don't you file a complaint against them. I don't trade options, I trade futures. I think you should file with SEC and NASD. Correct me if I am wrong someone.

    Since TOS is regarded as the best options broker along with Options Express, I suspect maybe you are unaware the rules by which they can and can't fill your order.
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