What would you read/study next?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tomwade, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. tomwade


    OK, I'm wrapping up Tharp's book (yes, it's OUTSTANDING!) in the next week.

    So what would you read/study next? Mark Douglas? Or go straight to LeBeau? How about Schwager? ..... or Kaufman?

    While you're at it, what would the next *2* or *3* books be, in sequence, that have the most relevance to the education of a trader that you would recommend?

    Thanks in advance, Folk!

  2. dbphoenix


    Douglas, then Taleb.
  3. tomwade


    Taleb? Who is Taleb?:)
  4. dbphoenix


    Nassim Taleb. Fooled by Randomness.
  5. tomwade


    Thanks, I'll look for it!

  6. damir00

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    also add "Inevitable Illusions" to the list. if you haven't yet read any of the following, read them too.

    "Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk"
    "Reminisces of a Stock Operator"
    "Manias Panics and Crashes"
    "Devil Take the Hindmost"
    "When Genius Failed"

    99% of current "trading" books are crap, don't even bother. the market never changes, go through the classics first.
  7. damir00

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    and if you read anything by Niederhoffer, go get a lobotomy before the infection spreads and start reading the list from the beginning.
  8. LOL :D :p
  9. Read 1000 Daily, weekly, monthly charts each of Nasdaq and NYSE stocks before you read the next book.
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