What would you look for in an iPad stock tool?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stith, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. stith


    Hey guys. New trader and iOS developer here. I'm beginning work on a tool for iPad to display candlestick charts for traders and I thought I would get some more experienced opinions before I start writing the app.

    I'm not planning a fully featured trading platform, just a tool for charts, sort of like StockCharts.com. The obvious things are already in the works, like technical indicators and that sort of thing. I'm here to ask what features you'd like to see in a graphing tool for iPad. Realtime graphing? Configurable colors? Cake dispenser? Lemme hear it!
  2. It seems like point and figure charts would be a good fit for the iPad since they allow for a lot of info in a small amount of space. Since they are graphically pretty basic, it doesn't seem like they would take up much of the iPad's limited resources.

    You would also need to be able to draw horizontal and diagonal lines.
  3. A self destruct.
  4. stith


    Excellent. Yeah, I was planning on making the graph type selectable. Candlebars and OHLC are the obvious ones to include, and it sounds like point and figure might be a good choice too. The ability to draw lines is also in the works!
  5. Mr Guest

    Mr Guest

    Some way to organize the stocks. ie watch lists.

    As far as the charts: real-time and multiple time frames (intraday, 5 day, 6mo, 1yr etc).
    The ability to have multiple (6 or 8) little charts on the screen at once would be great as an intraday market monitor.
  6. stith


    Multiple charts, why didn't I think of that! That'll definitely be going in now. I was just picturing one big full-screen graph, but multiple small ones makes way more sense. Both will be an option, of course.

    Real-time data probably won't be included in the first release, as I'm having a tough time finding a place to get that data for cheap. I definitely want it to be in the app though at some point. Maybe as an in-app purchase to help cover my costs.

    Sometimes native is nicer :)
  7. I could think of so much, ( on iPad now) love it, but it is tough to type on it.
    Sooo much potential to be great!

    1- Fibonacci tool!!

    2- Futures data. Even if it was delayed, there is no charting available for any futures data currently on the iPad. I assume you will charge for it, but if u could figure out how to get futures data on there, Id pay 30 bucks for it. All real traders with an iPad would pay for this.

    3- Also, there are no good scanning tools in iTunes that u can look up stocks with certain criteria such as finviz.com. Such as the ability to scan for stocks by sector and criteria such as price volume, atr, beta,

    Intraday highs, 52 week hi low, etc

    I can definitely help you brainstorm, and no I am not looking for anything in return. Send me a message since i dont know what limitations you may have.

    I'd be happy to work with you since there is nothing good available on iTunes.

    I'd be great at giving ideas, cuz there is nothing available on the iPad.