What would you do?

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  1. lpchad


    -$100,000 liquid Cash
    -$63,000 retirement savings (401k, IRAs, etc)

    $0 debt (No CC, mortgages, student loans, anything)

    28 years old, single
  2. Use the $100K to make some real money.
  3. DO NOT dare to gamble with this(100,000) money. Save up to open a business. However, in the mean time, save another 2K and open a margin account and play with the market. Under no circumstance should you add money from your 100K to this account.


  5. Surdo


    Travel to Argentina, Brasil, and Colombia, and sample some of the best looking women in the world and eat good steak!

    el surdo
  6. lpchad


    Care to elaborate? This is of course what I want to do!
  7. lpchad


    I figured that part out. A wife would find a way to spend that cash with a ring, wedding and house. :D
  8. lpchad


    Not planning to "gamble" it. Are you using the word "gamble" in place of "trading"?

    Seems that saving another 2K and opening a margin account would be gambling albiet not any risk of substantial loss. Assuming you mean futures here?

    I'd love to open a business, but have no ideas.
  9. lpchad


    I have a friend in Chile right now and is traveling the world doing just this. I envy him, but feel I should have a way to make an income at the same time rather than just pissing away the 100K on world travels. If I could work on something anywhere this would be an option. Hence my dabbling in the markets.
  10. Whether transacting securities is gambling or trading depends on your skill level. I think it would not be responsible to risk 100K to find out your skill level.

    Business ideas depend on your geographical area and your interests.
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