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  1. You developped an edge that makes you on average 2% each month by trading futures. Due to undercapitalization you start looking for a way to be able to trade it. You find a trader/firm who is interested to provide capital. Before you start they ask you to provide the rules of your system to backtest it themselves. Is this common? What would you do?
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    How the firm reputation? You either risk a rejection or got your system stolen. I wonder how a good reputation firm would trust a system built from back testing.
  3. Could you describe how this kind of agreements are negiotiated ?
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    Sorry, I have no expertise in this type of situation. We got to ask somebody who had been passed through this situation.
  5. Tums


    screw the firm.
    go get a real job.
    save up enough capital,
    then return to trading.

    p.s. but the sad truth is, you believe you have found an edge...
    thousands of people believe they have found an edge
    until it is tested with real money, the edge remains a theory.
  6. Never give your edge away. Get the dough from family or friends.
    Did you ever see anyone on et give thier edges away?
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    Let us test your system and we'll tell you what we would do. :p
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    Wait a minute. Is this what happened? Or, is this just a "what if"?
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    Because the author doesn't seem to have a complete confident yet on his system. So the last option suggested by Moderator sounds good, "screw the firm". Give them a good lesson. :D

  10. This is happening :)
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