What would you do with a 100k account in 2007?

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  1. I would buy oil @ 50 and short DIA at 128. Then wait.
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  2. When I opened up an account at a broker that specializes in options earlier this year I deposited $50,000 via wire transfer.

    When I checked the balance the next day it was $100,000. I sent an email notifying them of the mistake - :eek:

    I'm not going to name the broker.
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  3. NTB


    Invest in a hedge fund that earns 25-40% net and enjoy your day.
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  4. I understand completely. I just need the phone number.
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  5. Here's what I would do.

    (1) Split the account into three
    (a) 1/3 daytrading a mini futures contract of your choice
    (b) trading long term trends in futures markets looking at about 20-30 markets here as there are great trends every year
    (c) invest in good looking stock prospects

    (a) allows you to make a reasonable daily income. (b) and (c) smoothes your income stream through a longer term approach.

    Or if it is your risk account, you could just concentrate on futures, that is to say, (a) and (b).

    Unfortunately, this approach is only feasible if you have a min of $80k in my opinion.
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  6. Buy BLUE.
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  7. Do what you did on 2005.

    Historically, on Index Futures... markets never made a dramatic change between 12/31 to 1/1.

    Markets don't care about New years resolution.
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  8. Repeat of a simple answer to your question.

    Keep $75K in a safe place.

    Put up $25K with us, and use our money to trade with, thus limiting your risk. Perhaps "use" (not "abuse") a half million or more so you can engage in some strategies that actually work well. Make 10% of $500K (could be a lot more)....you make more, risk less, and (this is the best part, LOL)..get to be a "Bright Trader". And, as they say, "you're either a Bright Trader, or you're not".

    All the best, and I hope you work all this out.

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  9. Trade futures, use 30K for opening trading account, this is enough for 2DAX or 6 ES contracts, making $150-300 per day.
    70K in Tbills . If you need to learn how to trade futures, use couple $ for education.
    Good luck !
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  10. Thought about it, but all the work into researching HF's, I might as well just trade.
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