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  1. GotherL


    I bought SQ 10/15 270c yesterday at 2.58. It went as high as 5.00 today.

    With only 1 contract is it correct to cut it for nearly 100% profit or would you say to hold it longer? (Assuming you've a good feeling it goes higher b4 expiry...)

    It did drop back in the 3's so selling at 5, reentering at 3 would've been the better choice but hindsight is always 20/20.
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  2. I would put in a limit order to sell at $7.74 ($2.58 x 3) - good until Oct 15.
  3. deaddog


    If you had a plan going in you'd know what to do.
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  4. newwurldmn


    how high do you think it can go? By when? How low do you think it can go? By when? How likely do you think either case will happen?

    you are asking someone else to answer these questions for you when that is your job.
  5. xandman


    Don't evaluate the option based on its price behavior. Evaluate it based on the expected price of the underlying and the IV that will get assigned to it.

    IV is the real price of an option. The premium value is just a result of a formula. You made a decision to go to buy that call based on the behavior that you saw in the underlying.

    What do you think will happen to the underlying price? What will happen to IV and will you have the wind in your back? Is a call still the best expression of a bullish position? And as always, how have your risks changed?
  6. If I read your post correctly about a 10/15 bull call spread then $5 is the most you are gonna get for it at expiration.
  7. cesfx


    10/15 is the date, 270c the trade

  8. Ahhh Ok got it I am used to people writing OCT 270 Call I was trying to figure out what the 10/15 and 270 were... never mind :)
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    Reddit changed everything :D
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    What a dog. Didn't participate with the rebound. Sell.Sell.Sell.