What would you choose...money or happiness?

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Money or happiness

  1. I would take the red pill without thought and be happy

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  2. I would take the $500 million without thought

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  3. I would take the red pill after alot of consideration.

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  4. I would take the money after alot of consideration.

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  2. the1


    Precisely right. In addition to donating yearly scholarships to the local college, which is now up to $4000 (one need based, one not), I offer pro bono services to persons with disabilities that has monetary value but has more to do with donating time rather than money.

    I grew up in a single-earner, blue collar 6-member household and we didn't have much. Hand me downs were commonplace. I can recall this period as the happiest time of my life. The challenges of building a snowman with holes in your boots and one glove is a thing you don't forget.

    As a young adult I developed a want -- the want to acquire material possession in an effort to generate happiness. I accomplished this goal by working hard in school and starting a successful business (after many failed attempts). I was living the American Dream but I wasn't very happy. In fact, I was somewhat depressed. I always had a dream of donating to my local community college, the college where my education began. I couldn't afford a better start. The day I stroked that first check my life changed forever. I was happy again. The day I began donating my time I grew happier.

    True happiness is found in giving, not receiving. Something I'd like to share with ET this season. Now this is a gift!

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  3. I don't think this is fair, because I would never choose to take a pill to make me feel happy, that's not real happiness. I think a better question would be take the money and lose everything else you care about, or don't take the money be guaranteed of never being wealthy but every other of your dreams come true. For me that would be a no brainer.

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  4. Handle123


    This is a no-brainer, take the money and run. You can donate the entire amount and that may or may not help you to become happy.

    But pills wear out, or FDA recall cause pill made people get wrinkles from smiling too much, lawyers bought in for group lawsuit, pills taken off shelves and sent to Africa. They repackage to be sold thru Internet to Americans, and blackmarket causes prices to skyrocket, people needing a daily fix of happy drug. President Obama calls for Special Pill Agency Meetings, or better known to us as SPAM, and we know we don't understand the contents in that. Smiling Obama says he will allow drug to be imported and we will tax the crap out of it. California is going to allow certain planters to grow Happy Drug plants.

    Ok, someone else continue with the story to make us Happy.....

    Merry Christmas all.
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  5. No.Beta


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  6. Pekelo


    Did you miss the always part? You want me to list the famous/rich people who died of uncurable diseases??? Just think of anyone dying of cancer or AIDS....

    By the way the point was if they are happy while being sick... I bet Jobs would take the pill....

    Or just think of Bill Cosby's son. What did money buy him? Getting killed that's what he got...

    For extra credit:

    "Studies of past lottery winners shows that happiness levels typically return to where they were prior to the big winning. "

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  7. No.Beta


    But I think that for people who earn a huge amount of money through a more intelligent way, that person will be less prone to behave like the example you gave.

    Because let's admit, the majority of people that I saw to 'play' this lottery games, are... a little bit dumb, no offence to anyone, but the probability for a person to win the big prize is very slim, some people are playing for their entire life and they still not win that big figure.
    While on the other hand, those people who are smarter, will not wait to win the lottery to become very wealthy, instead they start to do something more realistically. This mean a higher level of intelligence.

    I bet that if a similar study would be made for people who opened a business and they accumulated a big amount of wealth, the outcome of the study will be the opposite of the outcome of the study about the lottery winners.

    So, I think that the example with the lottery winners isn't accurate for our topic.

    just my opinion...
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  8. You can be happy if you want to at any time.

    It is just a state of mind.

    However you cant just think up 500 million, not quickly anyway..

    With 500 million in the bank.. you can spend a few hours every morning meditating etc to get the happy state of mind.

    However money cant garantee you good health. So perhaps if that happy pill also garanteed good health and fitness all the way into old age (for you and your family) then that is different matter.
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  9. After reading these replies, I'd like to change my answer to money.

    It's barely about me. I want to see everyone around me happier and money can do that in some cases.
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  10. Pekelo


    Biggest BS ever posted, but I want whatever you are smoking.

    Guys who choose the money, just think of the movie Bedazzled. Whatever the Brendan Fraser character wishes, the devil always finds a way to screw him. Want to be the President of the USA? She makes him Lincoln on the night of his assasination. :)

    The point is that 500 million doesn't guarantee you long life, health or happiness.With the pill you will be happy no matter what the circumstances are.

    But it is your choice....
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