What would you choose...money or happiness?

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Money or happiness

  1. I would take the red pill without thought and be happy

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  2. I would take the $500 million without thought

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  3. I would take the red pill after alot of consideration.

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  4. I would take the money after alot of consideration.

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  1. With the red pill one would be happy but what will motivate a happy person? I'd imagine not much. I suppose someone would be happy watching Cramer 24/7.

    Now regarding the money. On a scale of 1-10 of being happy. Having money would bring you to zero. Money x's out the negatives. We probably live the money part of our lives in the negative on the scale of happiness. Somewhere around -3 or -1 or whatever. having money will bring us to zero on the scale.

    Most people would probably need the pill and money or as the other poster mentioned, neither.

    Now suppose you controlled the pill and the money, that might make some people very happy.
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  2. Health is happiness.
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  4. I'd take the red pill and give it to my wife. Her credit card bills consistently go over 15k/month. Last year she had enough points to buy us round trip tickets to Kona,Hi. We even took our two kids. Lol. She actually feels like she earned us those tickets. I love her like crazy, but the money she spends on her horses etc, could support a small country.
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  5. CALLumbus


    Dear Ninna,
    I dont think you need money to help other people. You can do it without money. You can help the old man to carry his bags, you can just talk with somebody who needs a shoulder to lean on, you can bring lots of good things to the world without money.

    But money gives you power. It is up to you how to use this power. But you can do good things with it, things that you just cant do without the money. Take for example the little girl that needs so bad an operation, without this operation she will die. She has no health insurance, the parents have no money, nobody is willing to help. The operation is about 80'000 $. Without the money you reach here your limits, even if you have the best heart and character in the world. This is very sad. But we should not give up hope. Miracles happen. It is christmas ...
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  6. CALLumbus


    Dear sculptor66,
    I like very much what you say here. I think this is very true. The night is the darkest before dawn. And after a period of darkness, we will be able to truly appreciate the sunshine and brightness.
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  7. Huge amount of positive energy in this thread.

    Marry Christmas to all, may you all decide to be happy and bring it to those around you.

    The good thing here is no pill is required.
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  8. Who needs a pill ,I'd take the money , happiness is a behavioral issue.
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  9. you sound like someone who understands life.


    "I could have missed the pain. But I'd have had to miss the dance."
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  10. Pekelo


    Money can't always buy health. Plenty of rich people die of cancer. With the pill at least you would be happy about it....
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