What would you choose...money or happiness?

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Money or happiness

  1. I would take the red pill without thought and be happy

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  2. I would take the $500 million without thought

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  3. I would take the red pill after alot of consideration.

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  4. I would take the money after alot of consideration.

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  1. anyone who doesn't think money can buy happiness hasn't met the ben bernanke

    i would take the money without hesitation as i'm already happy all the time
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  2. only if i can empty the pill on a spoon ... chase the dragon with a shot of jack daniels .

    ...wonder how madoff would answer this today

    * in all seriousness the pill for me would be an act of selfishness.
    i would have to take the money and only then i have an opportunity to help those in need.
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  3. I would take money. I can handle it. It wouldn't corrupt me, much. :p :D

    If I win $10 million tomorrow I will probably not tell anyone, except my wife and live a similar lifestyle. I would give my family some money, and buy myself maybe a new Toyota 4 Runner, and kick back more, travel more. I would pay off my families debt, some of them. They aren't good with money like I am. I creates rift in the family.

    No Ferrari for me, no mega house. I have had the chance to interact with some really wealthy people and some of them seem so stressed out leading very complicated high maintenance life styles. No thanks.

    For me, money means security and peace of mind.

    My wife worked for a few multi millionaires. One worked hard to keep a low profile. He seemed happier. Had 2 8000sf homes, ski on place in Deer Valley, and condo in Palm Springs. Played golf half the day and made calls on his cellphone The other guy worked hard to publicize his wealth. He was mostly a con. He bk'd and set up shop in Vegas with his newest scam.

    I could be very happy with the money. I can handle the responsibility.
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  4. I think I would pass on both, because there is no escaping the meaning of life.


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  5. the1


    Ahhh...someone with a sensible answer. Money and the meaning of life don't belong in the same sentence except to say they don't belong in the same sentence. The general response on this thread is a prime example of what ails mankind.


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  6. BSAM


    I'd choose Pamela Anderson and 20 million dollars.

    Is this too much to ask?
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  7. TRS


    Only 66% at time of posting would take the money without thought.. and it's alleged 90% of traders lose
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  8. With the red pill, I will be happy being sick, kids sick and dying of hunger, no money to buy food or pay doctor and still be happy. With the money, the kids can have food, and treatment for their illness. Red Pill is removing parts of your brain, nothing more.
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  9. nLepwa


    It's funny how people (here) think they need money to help other people.

    The truth is there's no shortage of money. There's plenty of money floating around.

    However there's a shortage of people willing to give their time and energy.

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  10. I would not take the red pill, even if I weren't offered 500 million for it.

    True happiness does not exist without the experience of sadness. Success cannot be enjoyed without (at least the risk of) failure. There can be no personal development without facing the positives AND negative experiences of life.

    A life under influence of the red pill is a wasted life. Instead of taking the red pill you could simply kill yourself. The result is quite similar.

    So, I would take the 500 million dollars. Not because I think money is more worth than happiness, but because the red pill is not what it seems to be.
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