What would the blood pressure of an HANS short

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, May 9, 2006.

  1. look like today?
  2. i bot HANS at 20 and have loved watching the shorts, including herb greenberg justify their hyoooge losses

    HANS is a perfect example of 'i don't care what the TA says, the fundamentals make it a screaming buy". in a stock with positioning like hans, u buy on weakness. always

    and why u should never ignore fundamentals
  3. ers'n'lcc were not kiddin' either today
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    Man you have a great patience. If it were me,I would have sold it at 22 with 10% profit :(
    Anyway congratulations. And why TA says HANS is a sell?:confused:
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    You are like me, I prefer to move around..sometimes it feels like more progress is made but most the time its all the same, just a couple $$ more in trade fees. I got in late in the HANS game for a quick trade, bought last wednesday and got out today, made abit more than 10% so I am grinning ear to ear..
    I would have probably cut off my ear if I had shorted it.
  7. i have no problem with shortterm trades. i trade YM sometimes 5-10 trades in one day

    but in the case of HANS, the fundies said buy buy buy buy (and im not talking #'s) and as long as those remained bullish, so was i

    there were periods when the HANS chart said short

    i DID short it a few times in my daytrade account, but held my long position in my B&H account regardless

    too good a stock to sell at that point