What Would Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter or Bill O'Reilly Say....

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  1. ...if the tables were turned, and Obama or Biden had a 17 year old unmarried daughter who became pregnant and this information became public during the peak of the presidential campaign?

    Just some food for thought.
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    They'd be holding marathon talk sessions about how unacceptable it was. They'd never shut up about it.
  3. That child would never exist. They would murder it.

    As Obama said , he would not expect his daughter to bear the burden of a child born out of wedlock.
  4. Did he say that, or are you assuming things and talking out of your ass?

    You never answered the question posed. You evaded it.

    Can you cite the legal definition of 'murder,' also?

    For the record, I am opposed to abortion due to my own moral compass, but I am careful to separate my own moral compass from wishing to enable the heavy hand of the government to impose my compass, be it right or skewed, on others.
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    Last time I checked abortion was LEGAL SO GET OVER IT.
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    That's the problem, they never get over anything.

    I love the latest whine: "The Dems won't allow abortion to be brought up for a vote." The Republicans ran Congress for 12 years and never once brought abortion up for a vote, now the rightwingers whine because the Dems won't do their dirty work for them. WTF.
  7. The method of fetus removal determines the legality.

    If you suck it out with a vaccum its legal.

    If one were to punch the stomach to cause the death of the fetus, then it is murder.
  8. The Republican Party knows that two thirds of the American voting base does NOT favor making abortion illegal (there is a sliding scale as to at what point they think it should be outlawed, and there are differences of opinion as to under what cirumstances and what methods it should be deemed legal, but the the point remains that they do not favor an outright ban on abortion).

    Therefore, they want to appease their base, not alienate Independent or 'swing' voters, and so keeping the issue alive, even when they have had the opportunity to pass legislation banning it (despite the inevitable SCOTUS review), just shows you what ultimate hypocrites and scheming liars the modern GOP has morphed into.

    The controlled the Executive Branch, the Senate, and the House of Representatives under W's first four year term. So, that would have been the perfect window to draft and submit legislation mandating an outright ban - but they didn't.

    So, they are essentially elevating politics above what they allege is a humanitarian and moral ongoing 'crisis.'

    Pretty sleazy, huh?

    Abortion; the GOP's ultimate 'political football.'
  9. Yes it is a good cause. But it would take 60 votes to get it to the president, he would veto then it would take 67 votes to override.

    The REPs bring it up every year, but never makes it to the floor vote

    So it won't happen, unless many dems turn.

    It was only possible from 1973 to 1994, when the Dems had much more control, especially from 76-80 with Carter.
  10. So the 'REPs' bring it up every year, including the years where they controlled the White House, Senate AND House of Representatives (2000 to 2004), and yet it didn't pass?

    But you said: "So it won't happen, unless many dems turn."

    It would seem that it won't happen, unless many Republicans turn, no?

    Point proven.
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