What would make a great journal thread?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by LoveMySystems, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I have seen traders crucified and butchered right off ET after posting their trades over time. Not sure why. Possibilities:

    1. Not enough details, such as time, entry, exit, stops, etc.
    2. Jealousy among readers
    3. Too many details
    4. Propensity of the poster to argue instead of standing on their results
    5. Poster not willing to share their system that got the claimed results
    6. Poster not willing to post scans of broker daily summaries
    7. Something else that I am missing

    What say you, ET posters?
  2. hughb


    I'm not a hyperactive trader, but I do post my trades in real time. You would have to search my handle to find them because I didn't condense them into a journal, they are mostly in threads started by other people.

    At the present time I am saving money for plastic surgery to correct a facial deformity, so I am not trading very actively at all. And that's why I don't have my own journal here.

    After I get the surgeries paid for, I will put up a journal and it will be with real time trades, entries and exits, just as I've always done but they will be condensed in one place.

    There are a lot of cynics who are going to throw popcorn and heckle from the cheap seats at anyone who starts a journal. Anyone who starts a journal has to be prepared for it.