What Would Jesus Trade?

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  1. Currency "Crosses" of course.
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    Jesus wasn't against making a profit. There are mentions of wealthy christians in the acts of the apostles. For a while he worked with Joseph in the carpentry business, obviously they must've made some profit there to take care of themselves. He was against the money changers because they were making profits off of people practicing their religion. When jews made a pilgramage to the temple in jerusalem, which was a big deal for them, they would have the priests offer up animal sacrifices on their behalf. Because jews traveled from different parts of the roman empire, it was difficult for them to bring along their own sacrificial objects: lamb, sheep, etc. So there were animals sold for sacrificial purposes at the temple. To buy an animal sacrifice, you needed to do so with temple coins. To get temple coins, you had to buy them. The money changers would extract a profit on the transaction by giving less value in temple coin than for the money received. The animals the temple coin bought were overpriced. That this aspect of their religious worship had become one big commercial enterprise with one group ripping off the devout was likely the objection. Nothing's really changed down to today. As just one example, go into St Pat's in NYC and there's a store inside of it selling lots of religious trinkets to tourists who visit the church.
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  3. Jesus would trade cocaine. Its the most profitable thing. And hey, he's jesus, so he could get away with it.
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  4. Long SRV? :D
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    Ok, I won't take my Laptop to church and trade for sure. I get a lot of, you know, "looks" anyhow.
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  6. He wouldn't trade because he'd have to pay commission to brokers.
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  7. bordeaux futures perhaps?
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  8. "How do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose or forfeit your own soul in the process?"

    You gain the whole world.
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    What would Jesus Trade?

    Well Jesus Velasquez says "Short this shit into the ground".
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  10. ''

    When the early church disagrees with Jesus- God's Word you might want to go with Jesus, who also knew the old testament is Gods Word also .

    Wish Breakin would learn God's Word more WRONGFUL church tradition.

    I find that interesting Jesus spent a lot of time in DAD's carpentry business like homebuilders;
    King Solomon was on oldtimer trader , [who also is a ''type''or illustration of Jesus ] Solomon traded-


    & thats human speculation whether Solomon used margin for gold & silver . Don't know that & you dont either
    Solomon did trade gold & silver ; but not in a lazy way.


    livestock not flatstock or deadstock


    Actuall Breaken may or may not be right about the the wisdom of a FOREX account where the Broker knows the client 's stop loss.:D
    Alan Farley called it whack a mole quotes.

    God seems to smile on selected real estate borrowing, like homes, Synagogs, Churches... .:)

    49 or 50 years was the max loan period in Israel .:) & reread old testament .
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