What Would Jesus Trade?

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  1. MLHP.OB
  2. QBID.PK


    Praise the Lord.
  3. ...it's Moses that invests.
  4. Weasel


    Lumber futures
  5. Having to prepare for armageddon, he might be boosting defense- and military-tech stocks. :D
  6. SM: St. Mary Land & Exploration
    TRN: Trinity Industries
    SJOE: State Joseph Capital
    CAVB: Cavalry Bancorp

  7. Icon Productions.
  8. vega


    Could trade the egg and butter futures at the CME. Jesus would have the ability to accumulate a massive short position, and if it went against him (I doubt that the market would move against Jesus -- talk about being on the wrong side of a trade, hate to write Jesus' name down as the counterparty to my trade--I thought it was bad having Goldman on the other side of the ticket) and if he bought back just one contract he could take that one egg and stick of butter and turn it into enough to cover his entire short position:p

  9. LOL, and when the position went against him, he wouldn't have to worry about taking his own name in vain.

  10. taodr


    Arab slaves !!
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