What would it take to turn the market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tubytrader, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. I really think it would take a horrific disaster to turn this market! Any thoughts?
  2. Bull markets end on good news.

  3. nope..... imo

    a nuke in the US would be considered bullish for equities imo.... "broken window theory"....
  4. A change in trend.
  5. Me buying call options. Yes, I do have that much influence over the market. I'm thinking of opening a service called fademytrades.com. Can't miss!:D
  6. I think the home builders would rally like crazy on that news. And also rate cut on a thermo nuclear explosion would follow asap so we'd have a bull market all over again.
  7. Nothing, because nothing is bad news nowadays.

    I just bought YM on the dip, its bound to close higher later.

  8. So I guess you are assuming that we'd all still be alive.
  9. a bomb

  10. doesnt matter...... just imagine the rebuilding possibilities....$$$
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