What would it take to send the U.S. economy—and New York’s—into free fall?

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  1. THREAT NO. 1
    The Bottom Continues to Fall Out of the Housing Market

    But its effect has been less pronounced. Top financial institutions burned by subprime have made public their billionaire losses, yet the market hasnt crashed.

    THREAT NO. 2
    The Derivatives-Related Meltdown, Part II

    Same as above, in addition Fed rate cuts provide some support.

    THREAT NO. 4
    That the Rest of the World Decides They Don’t Need Us and the Dollar Tumbles Hard

    All, and I mean all, empires in the world have declined by too strong currencies.
    Everything is so expensive, so they dont produce anything anymore.

    THREAT NO. 5
    That We Don’t See It Happening Because It’s a Slow-Motion Train Wreck

    They wont see the slow motion stabilization, either; because they are blinded.
    GDP is still increasing, employment at historical lows, personal compumption, while hit a little bit, is still strong, etc.
  2. LOL

    what a tard

    the fact that people write this garbage is only proof the market will keep suring higher for a long long time