What would have happened

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    If I didn't have my defences on at Poitiers?
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    You lost me. Pretend I'm in 8th grade and explain please.
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    I don't have a Swiss banker friend. I fried Swiss bankers.
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    Oh, you were Long SF on Friday's close?

  5. JSOP


    You were affected by the "mini flash crash"? What happened? You ok?
  6. That is only 100 pips but may be for swiss, that sort of move must be a mini crash. I trade pound often. 100~200pips move is not a flash clash :)
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    I NEVER SAID IT WAS, and I would never use term "mini crash" for such a small move. I don't day trade forex, so maybe you guys use different terms, I do trade forex in long term moves staying in years. And use future options to hedge long term and scalp/day trade Future currencies. Swiss Franc is like a turtle most of the time.
  8. Handle if you are a long term trader then you must be trading actual hard currency. Anyway, regardless of it, when pound sees sth like 1.24 again, you may want to consider selling US dollar and buying other pairs. The longer term trend is about to change this month. Surely, this may affect other financial market as well.
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    In some currencies I do hold actual hard currency, been doing this since late 90s if they have exchanges to trade, but also trade forex. Automation taken off Future's charting to place orders into forex as systems been generating signals to go Long Futures SF at some point today, been waiting for move under 1.0000, been making this path since Jan 2015.
    I been short Dollar several attempts since Jan 2015
    Jan 2017 found bottom in Futures BP after many attempts, so it adds on when it finds signals.
    This approach is very long term, it seeks 75% of nine year range and in mean time it will add on shorter term duration signals, and spreads. Markets that offer larger number of options are danced(sold) around position to make something while waiting for moves to trend. I found waiting seven years in Eurodollars to start going back down, spreads are best way to make something in some markets. There are times where big losses occur, part of the game, and studying each market individually allows to know the quarks better.

    My method is certainly not for most as it is very long term, but it only one where I can belt the homerun trades, and while hedging can't always be done with options as thin in some markets, you have to think outside the bun on how to hedge. If I can't hedge it, I won't trade it or do only few contracts. But there is always something less risky to find with options.

    I applaud you as few can trade forex.
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    In the light of my latest post, we call it "empathy". Put yourself in the position of another person, anywhere in this space and time. When you've done that enough times to get a sense of the RELATIVITY of space and time, then we talk.

    Meaning I'd appreciate or not a review on my latest cover letter (see my latest post on that).
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