What would happen if Iran did......attack

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  1. Given the power of the USA in terms of its nuclear capabilities, if Iran or even N. Korea did attack the USA with a nuke, would the USA launch a full blown nuclear attack? I know quite a lot about nuclear physics and nuclear history, but what is the policy of a nuclear attack on US soil?

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  3. It's not even a thinkable "what-if". It is unlikely any such intercontinental ballistic missle would ever reach the US if fired from Iran. But regardless, I think the current administration would "leave no stone upon another" to quote a biblical passage, in Iran.
  4. I have complete faith that if the US was ever attacked with, say one nuke, where the origin of the nuke was not completely clear, or if any ambiguity existed, the US would simply and quietly bow to UN pressure to "show restraint", and probably nothing would happen; other than a few European papers printing "we are all Americans now", the hogs & pigs of the Muslim world praising Allah, and the American Universities having teach-ins on why we(the nation) deserved it.

    Even if the origin of the nuke was known, and there was a nuclear exchange, it would be limited on the part of the US.
  5. It's a long time that Iran's nuclear threat is pending so why do they only react NOW huh ?


    In 1997 this reporter learned from Soghanalian that the Chinese and French were breaking a UN arms embargo and shipping C-802 cruise missiles that were nuclear capable to Iran. Soghanalian offered a sample of one of the missiles to the CIA through a U.S. Naval officer. The CIA declined the offer and claimed it had its own sources for such equipment. It turned out that the CIA’s so called source, not only didn’t deliver but top officials in the company became fugitives. The CIA never got a C 802 and the Navy never got an opportunity to study the advanced missile so it could develop a defense. Navy officials were so concerned about the C-802 they concluded in 1997 in classified documents obtained by National Security News Service that the missile gave Iran “effective control of the Persian Gulf.” Iran bought the missiles as a response to the United States shooting down a civilian Airbus and then lying about it.
  6. What would happen?

    Lots of innocent people would die....
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    (And the good news is that Iran and N. Korea both know it.)
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