What would be the top reasons for Mittens defeat?

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  1. What would be the top reasons for Mittens defeat?
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    Not attacking on the "you didn't build that" line. It doesn't even have to be taken out of context, just played over and over in Obama's own words. He's not using the term "food stamp president", which he really needs to do, and he needs to hammer on the debt. This election is too close, whoever attacks best will win. Neither one of these two candidates has much to offer, only a negative campaign will work.
  3. obama getting more votes would be my guess.
  4. Obama getting more electoral votes and pure stupidity on the side of those voting for him.
  5. imo its simple. the american people are conditioned to rely on big government.

    the other side may not want to believe they may be out numbered in that regard but that may be the hard truth.

    it is what it is.

  6. Mittens was beaten months ago. The GOP has completely alienated all but one group in this nation, and within that one group are subsets of the groups the GOP has alienated. The tent is too small, they are beaten.
  7. George Bush was elected twice (arguably the worst president ever according to dems) so, if the gop is that bad, so beaten, how does that happen exactly? or let me guess, this all happened in the last 2 years of americas entire history. :p

    dont forget the biggest clubbing in history 2 short years ago when the dems lost like 500 seats in congress. :D

    wake up rcg.
  8. draghi & bernake will re-elect obama.
  9. I wish they had lost 500
  10. Whoops, missed one.:D
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