What would be the first thing you would do after winning the 100 mill lottery?

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  1. Obviously, post outrageous obcenities about how filthy rich i was.

    Not just here, i mean, i'd sign up on random forums, particularly frugal .com, and the like,and basically gloat, really.

    What, you wouldnt do the same?

    "Oh, did i mention, im loaded now?I didn't?Oh ,pardon me.

    Im absolutely loaded, sorry for not mentioning that before.
    Yes, filthy, stinking rich, you know, yes, its quite obscene old chap."
    (haughty laughter)

    "What's that, you've an investment idea, old chum? Sorry old chap, cant pollute my huge mounds of bullion with your filthy fistfuls of commoner tender, i have to play golf on the morrow, and i DONT intend, to smell THAT bad, old chum, you know.

    No hard feelings old chap, just your filthy, disease ridden, prole money gives me the sneeze's, say what.

    I say, your countenance doesn't make me want to vomit over my riding jacket, tell you what, if you fetch errant tennis balls from my match tomorrow, I might let you work in the stables, sweeping up horse dung and the like, instead of having you whipped and sent to the hebrides.

    What say you, you peice of human vermin, you?
    Jolly good show, say what. Tally ho, carry on."
  2. ElCubano


    disapear............... for at least a year.
  3. I'd give my parents everything they've wanted but could never afford. Do the same for my wife. They deserve the world for putting up with my constant bullshit :)

    All I need is a pimp daddy house with a view. Maybe I'd throw in a phat ride...but nothing over $100K. Spending more than that on a car is just retarded...filthy rich or not.
  4. Oh boy, I'd stop writing 10 contract credit spreads, and write a 1,000 contracts at a time....:D

    Wait a minute, I probably wouldn't get a fill....drat! :(

  5. My life probably wouldn't be much different from most people, I' would just have more expensive things.

    I'd start a small hedge fund (5-10 mill), buy a BMW M6, make sure my parents and two sisters will have everything they ever need, and set up a 50 million dollar trust fund for my high school. The rest would be invested.

  6. Produce films with fit actresses like Katrina Campins, Alicia Witt & Calista Flockart. Build mansions in the country. take over Spurs and do an Ambrovich.
  7. JA_LDP


    Donate some of it to your alma mater and have them build a building in your name.
  8. Oh, and i forgot the Scrooge McDuck money baths, gotta have a swimming pool full of money to roll around in, and throw around the place.

    And i'd be inclined to buy a good lawfirm, while i was at it-you'd likely need it.
  9. Also, id look into the feasibilty of my dream, to build a mansion, made almost entirely out of sculptured stainless steel.

    I'd definitely look into buying a nice yacht, as well, to populate with various tarts and strumpets.

    And i'd particularly like to sit around goading bank managers with the lure of a ridiculously sized account, only to pull the rug out from under the deal at the very last minute.

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