What would be the best parameters to set oscillators for 1 minute charts?

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  1. i am trading various electronics futures using a divergence in oscillators and price. however setting the parameters can be tricky and confusing. if i am using a i use many different oscillators so for example if i use a stochastic and MACD what would be the best parameters for a 1 minute chart timeframe?
    i notice that some defaults on slow stochastic are always 14,3,3 and for the MACD 3,10 and 16.
    for a 1 minute chart should i use the defaults or is it better to speed them up, slow them down?
  2. What do you use and how well it works ?
    I like to use 5-3-3 and 20-10-5 settings for eminis . Seems to work equally well for all of them .
  3. 20,10 and 5 for MACD?

    i use the defaults that are above. i am wondering what would be best for such a short time frame. i know the parameters are important since they determine how much the oscillators are going back.
  4. overlay a 17(3),1 and a 13(3),1 stochastic. when the stochs are in flat in extremes (above 80 below 20) you have a strong short term trend and get in on any pullbacks you can find.

    also when the stochs separate around the 50 line that means that chop is abound at least for a few bars.
  5. overlay for MACD? i put MACD in a separate lower pane like most traders.
    why 17,3 &1 if you were refering to MACD?
    and keep in mind as i have said i use 1 minute charts.
  6. im not talking about macd, im saying overlay 2 stochastics with these settings

    these settings will work on any chart any timeframe etc, i use them on a 900v chart

    hopefully youre not losing money like most traders

  7. What are you using for charting?
    NINJA, TradeStation e-signal
  8. barchart webstation.

    here is a picture of their chart setting input form.
  9. Which emini do you trade?
  10. russel,dow and ES

    which parameters do you use for MACD on 1 minute charts?
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