What would be a good place to start for someone who wants to get a trading job?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by demoship, May 7, 2007.

  1. I'm graduating in a few days w/ a degree in computer science & business.

    I'd like to get a trading or trading related job, preferably with derivatives (since I've personally performed MUCH better with all the various options strategies then with stocks alone).

    The issue is, I have no real work experience. I understand pretty much everything there is to understand with options, but since I don't have an internship w/ any firms to back that up, it's going to be tough to get a good position, especially since all the good firms are looking for people with Finance degrees, not comp sci & business.

    I'd also consider something related to coding program-trading algorithms.

    Anyone have any pointers on where to start? :)
  2. Good luck...there are thousands of unemployed traders right now thanks to technology.

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    Most trading firms, that is the big boys (Goldman, Fimat, UBS, etc.) are hiring computer and math people for their trading departments, not to be active traders, per se, but to put their math/compsci degrees to use to develop systems. More and more trading is being done thru computer programs; the emotional trader is being taken out of the picture. Look who the hedgies want to hire: quants!

    Take your degree and apply to ALL of them. If you throw enough darts at a dart board, one of them is bound to score (called probability - understand this concept as this is what most trading systems are built upon).