What Would Another 9/11 Do To The Mkt Now?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by pspr, May 14, 2009.

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  2. 9/11 was hardly a "huge buying opportunity." Unless you didn't mind taking 18 months of heat before the low was made....
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    I guess it depends on your time frame. The 9/24/01 low wasn't breached for about 6 months. But then the question I am asking is what will happen to the market if we are attacked again soon.
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    911 was a buying opportunity because Greenspan dropped rates close to 0%, shortly thereafter.

    The economy wasn't saturated with dollars or debt at that point, which is why a bull market resulted.

    Rates are now at 0% and the market is 40% below its all time highs.

    If Banks were suddenly cleared of their bad assets or derivatives reigned in, then perhaps 0% rates might work.

    But as the situation stands today, if another 911 happened, the FED would have no ammo to shoot. So yes, it the economy would tank.
  6. Heck, THEY don't even need another "FALSE FLAG" 9/11 event.......THEY have the US economy right where they want it! :eek:

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    They sure do. :((
  8. 9/11 enabled Bush to get The Patriot Act passed. Why would they need another such event?
  9. Future "FALSE FLAGS" will not be about the economy (they already have that op in place), they will be about gun grabs and/or martial law. :eek:

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  10. Sometimes you wonder if the internet allows idiots to post whatever they want, 911 was probably the worst event for Sikh-Americans in the past 100 years. People were harassed, and killed for no apparent reason and their businesses suffered as a result. Most importantly, millions were affected due to the losses on that day.

    My heart goes out to all the families who lost a loved one on that dreadful day and to whoever the poster is. I guarantee you, your probably a hack.


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