What would America's reaction to another terrorist attack be?

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  1. I was just thinking with the threat that has been discovered against New York. What would be the reaction if there was another twin tower size attack. They could not go to war with Afghanistan or Iraq because they are already there. Would they extend the war to Iran?

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    First, they'd blame the man in charge, because it happened under his watch.

    Second, the man in charge would blame his predecessor, because, well, everything bad in the history of the world will be blamed on him.

    Third, Pakistan is where we are headed, as that is the state which seems to be harboring Al Queda but the also have that pesky nuke problem that NO ONE wants to fall into the wrong hands.
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    We'll have to convince Pakistan that if they don't let us wipe out al queda in Pakistan that we'll start supporting India against them among other things.

    There is talk of a dirty bomb possibility. They better lay on the security at college and NFL games this weekend.
  4. we'd start building a mosque on the site of this new terror attack right away.
  5. Imo, if there was an attack against New York, I think the strongest backlash would be the State of New York against the FED. NYPD has their own counter terrorist intelligence agency that rivals the Fed. (FBI, homeland security,NSA etc.) If there was a lapse in shared info from the Fed, against any state for that matter, state gov't would demand accountability from the Fed.

    So we'd probably all be fighting each other this time around.
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    You're an excitable boy.

    Just take it easy. You'll be ok.

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    I think we would see an overwhelming show of force against whoever was identified. Maybe not nuclear but something massive. I, also, think our military would simultaneously withdraw the rest of the world. I think this is what we should do anyway: stop trying to police the world but be ready with overwhelming force.

    The other possibility is that not much would change. You have to understand the first attack was the most shocking. Most people are used to living with the possibility of dying at any given time. So, it is not so much that one could be killed but the method.

    So, an attack of the same scale would not have as much effect especially if it didn't involve planes and only involved taking down a building. If it involved gas or radiation then we would see a greater response.

    It is what we are conditioned. If there were enough attacks over time people would start to ignore them. For example, we have a lot of gun murders in this country. Most people just accept them.

    Many of the attacks in India have involved small arms and unless it was on a great scale here then again I think it wouldn't have a profound impact because we've had crazies kill people with guns.

    I think, if the attacker, was from an Arab or Middle Eastern state then the rejection of racial profiling would receive a lot of attention. I think that behavioral profiling and security policies would receive more attention -- which they should.

    We might, also, learning from our first mistakes try to get sympathy from the rest of the world. I would not be surprised if a join action involving several western powers were involved. If the attack was large enough I'd expect China and Russia to form a pact and denounce our joint action. However, a joint action would send a strong message that terrorism wasn't acceptable.

    Israel might take the opportunity to attack Iran which they fear. If the Arab springs states then stopped shipping oil then oil prices would sky rocket which would, also, concern China. The embargo would at the same restrict goods getting into the middle eastern states plunging them into a third world status.

    While oil prices would plunge the stock market, the Americans would fare much better then the Arab states and they would be forced to eventually come to peace.

    Africa could become very important in all of this.

  8. based on the wimpy response to the 9-11 i would guess that the all AL Quaida members would receive complimentary BJ from democrat youth if something should happen.
  9. When another 911 happens, we should nuke Iran and Syria. We should also nuke Pakistan, just to make sure no terrorists are left.

    God bless USA and Israel.
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    In such a case, there ought to be a nuclear 'accident' in iran and pakistan the likes of which would obliterate all of the middle ease and north africa ... all. Sorry israel ... but oops.

    This could create a multi-faceted bonus: future terrorism would be curtailed, hundreds of billions saved by eliminating the need to send aid to israel and mussie countries, and jobs - unemployed israel-loving Americans could be sent along with their muzzie cousins to clean up the mess. Of course, we wouldn't wnat to send them too soon for fear of radiation poisoning ... now would we ... ???!!!!!!!!!!!
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