What would a Jack Russell do?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by omegapoint, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Can't get any cooperation from republicans? Piss them off in another area, take missles out of Poland. Excellent idea, hold their feet to different fires all over the world they have little
    influence over the policies for and save Americans some money.
  2. Eight


    Want to investigate the CIA because you're a dumb lying tw^t like Nancy Pelosi? You get anti Chavez demonstrations all over South America and an overthrown leftist government plus lots of strife and uprising in Iran... who knows what else is going on that doesn't EVEN get reported...

    Obama is the Second term of Carter, third term of Clinton, and fourth term of FDR... pretty predictable that he would pull the missile shield... pretty predictable that he will starve the military, talk shit about the US all over the world, raise taxes, side with Hamas, add even more unfunded mandates to the already huge pile, take credit for the economic recovery when he actually delays it with his bailout and porculus spending... etc... ad nauseum...
  3. He's simply approaching world affairs w/o the sociopathy republicans depend on for their voracious power needs.
    Killing everyone ...else isn't the way to evolve out of anything.
    Think the CIA is warm and fuzzy ...good guys? I've seen enough testimony from experts in interogation to believe it could have been done otherwise; experts that is.
  4. Since the klannish think Obama is Hitler, aren't they surprised that Obama didn't annex Poland?

  5. You should be thrilled, because if you are right that Obama is Carter, that means that we will get another Ronald Reagan as president in 2012...

    <img src=http://www.nndb.com/people/440/000026362/ron-reagan.jpg>