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Discussion in 'Trading' started by wint, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. wint


    Greetings everyone.

    I am looking for an effective system to do some comparison research.

    What I am looking for is either price or indicator based . . . a definite set of entry, stop and exit rules.

    For example . . . there was one system a few years ago trading one-minute bars on the e-mini using a combination of Stochastics and MACD (with proprietary settings). Don't remember the name of the method but results as discussed on this Forum were pretty good, as I remember.

    Since I've been away from trading for a while, I don't know who's still in business.

    If anyone has recently purchased a trading system/method for day trading e-mini . . . and has proven success with it . . . please let me know.

    Thank you
  2. *waits for spammers to respond*
  3. wint


    Yeah . . . no doubt the maturity level of the place hasn't increased much in the last 3-4 years . . .

    I'll have to take my chances with that. :)
  4. DrEvil


    I hear that the moving average(10,20) crossover is HOT at the moment.
  5. wint


    Hmmm . . . let me repeat:

    If anyone has recently purchased a trading system/method for day trading e-mini . . . and has proven success with it . . . please let me know.

    Thanks anyway
  6. pspr


    Yeah, me too. In fact, if you don't mind, please send me a copy of your profitable system so I can verify its veracity.
  7. Are you fucking serious??

    There is no such shit for 'sale' dummy!

    But if you insist there's hundreds of scammers out there happy to sell you their great system for $5k. Hell, some will even let you steal it for $100 buckaroos.

  8. wint


    Risktaker: Please go fuck yourself douchebag.

    I see nothing has changed on Elite Trader. Still populated by arrogants assholes.
  9. Hehe,

    I learned that a long time ago wint.


    I am a sponsor.

    You do not have to be.

    Don't let the idiots lure you into a long running thread of "screw you"
    "screw you"

    "Oh yeah"

    "Well screw you"

    I will give you a bit of a serious reply. Hope you do better than I.

    Over the past decade I purchased a couple of dozen trading systems/strategies, serious rules etc.

    Never found one to make money over more than a 6 month period.

    On the other hand I truly believe that a decent trader can make money with "any system"

    One of my mentors demonstrated making money by me flipping a coin and she took the trades.

    After 10 trades she seemed to keep the good ones and was stopped out of the bad ones quickly.

    Her edge was having a good sense of the order flow before the "coin flip" was put on.

    Hope that helps.


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  10. Thatz nice u r asking. Yes, see below:

    If price is low then buy
    if price is high then sell
    If long position then
    sell higher
    if short position then
    buy lower

    I guarantee to you this system works for all purposes, comparison studies or making money.

    It works in every time frame. It is the holy grail. You will enjoy it. Just remember to follow it exactly. Never buy higher than you should and never sell lower than you could.

    There goes my edge...
    #10     Jun 13, 2009