What will you do to protect yourself against the upcoming destruction of the dollar?

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  1. I'm sure not all of you know this yet, but there are a few people in here who actually took economics 101 who understands that we will see a dramatic drop in the dollar by the end of summer and by this time next year, the dollar will be worthless.

    So i'm wondering what those people are doing with their cash? Buying physical gold/silver? buying land/property? Moving cash into foriegn currencies?
  2. Forex, futures or options to hedge ;)

    RCG (Rosenthal Cllins) allows usage of other currencies as margin ;)
  3. What if other countries print money, also, including the European Central Bank?

    China already already spending more relative to the size of its economy than the U.S. is...although China's spending is coming out of reserves (which will have to be replenished some day).
  4. If everyone does, then this is another story ;)
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    I am a professional currency trader and I am very profitable. I agree that the dollar is in for a decline as I have been long sterling and euro for a bit now. However, you believe that the dollar will be literally worthless in one year?? So you are saying not a 2.00 EUR/USD, but like a 5.00+ Euro to the dollar? I have passed econ 101 but I am admittedly not an economist. I do believe that the liberal economic view of, use government spending to jump start the economy, does work in the right situation. So, because I am not an economist and I am probably missing something here in regards to your interpretation of the fundamentals, please do sell me on your idea. If your response is going to be something like, "Obama is increasing the deficit to much, he will be printing to many dollars, and he is a socialist", then I will disagree with your analysis, but if not then I am all ears.
  6. IF the dollar "Crashes" all currencies will follow. \

    The only hedge you have is Energy and Land, possibly Metals and Agi.

    Do not kid yourself......A dollar crash will crash all currency, world wide. Question is, which currency you roll into once the crash happens?
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    nah, other countries do not have the deficit ours does and the deficit spending does not appear to be stopping.
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  9. Everyone IS
    it depends on the velocity, not the quantity, at least right now.
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