What will you do, if you are the only trader in the stock?

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    In some low volume stocks, I have been the only trader in the stock. Sometimes, I trade 80% of the volume per day, sometimes 120% of the volume (the specialist does not report all of my trades)

    If you are a trader, what will you do?

    1, close all positions, since there is no other trader trading with you.

    2 scalp bid/ask difference, since you are the market maker

    3, buy buy buy to push the stock high then sell sell sell to cash out.

    4 act differently depending on if it is on AMEX, NAS, because there is also a specialist making the market againt your orders.
  2. 120% of the volume?

    Have you ever heard the term "beneficial ownership"?
  3. LOL you trade 120% of the volume. Dude if you doing 100% you would be buying and selling to yourself all day and making no money just churning.
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    120% volume is from AMEX. the specialist doet not report all trades.

    example for a stock with average 2000 shares a day:
    there is no trade until 1pm the day, i put a trade for 1200 shares. it got all filled, but the market only reported 1000 shared traded that day.
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    trade 200% of the volume means i trade with myself. trade 100% means the other small traders / specialists / market makers trade against my orders.
  6. Reminds me of Sunday evening ES trading...
  7. How and why do you trade stocks with such low volume?
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    a lot of good value stocks have very little volume. i always constantly trade them to reduce my average cost. i love those stocks. i have been very successful in those stocks. take a look at few of my past holdings:


    trading in those stocks have 0 risk. because overnight/overbought positions can only be turned into long term position which may be better than trading positions.
  9. if you are speculating in the unknown, there is ALWAYS risk! Dont try and come on here and push this 0 risk crap.

    Not trying to be a dick, but you are a new poster and hearing "zero risk" is a big red flag.

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    Uhhhhhhh ooookkkkk :confused:
    Zero risk huh?

    So what happens when you need to get rid of a position quickly? There was bad news and the stock is falling fast ... who's gonna buy?
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