What will the world be like with crude @ $100/b?

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  1. Try to look into your crystal ball. What sort of world will we live in with crude at $100/b as some predict. For the sake of my family & kids I hope it will never reach that level. If it does reach that level I fear we will live in a state of total chaos. Things we take for granted like going on Holidays will be a thing of the past and air travel will be for only the exceedingly rich. Maybe I am being too conservative. What do u think?
  2. Forget air travel. Try calculating what your electricity costs will be or what it will cost to heat your house in winter (assuming you live in a cold winter climate). What about driving? The cost of almost everything is tied to fuel. Milk, eggs, etc...all of it has fuel costs built in it somewhere.

    the only thing to do will be to build a solar energy home in the Baja of Mexico and have a farm where you raise chickens, cows, pigs and grow corn/tomatoes, etc. to be self sufficient.

    Of course you'll still pay for water, seeds, etc.
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    I think a better discussion would be to ask if your energy costs doubled or tripled, what would you do?

    It would be a brake to most leisure industries, most corps would lay off, probably drop prices of homes in cold weather areas and raise house prices in moderate weather areas.

    The impact is not a straight line anywhere. But I would reckon with Europes strict labor laws and socialist gov'ts slow to adapt, Europe would be the big loser, parts of Asia a winner, US would have some real winners and losers.

    More a list of who wins, who loses.
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