What Will The USD Do ???

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    What Will The USD Do ???
    Close at 02/06/2006 : 82.51 Index points

    The historical low in the "USD Trade Weighted Index" was on 04/19/1995 with 79.22 Index points. Since then the "USD Trade Weighted Index" gets recovering until 112.89 Points - am 01/28/2002 - before he falls back until 80 Points. Interesting is surely the fact, in this context, that the "USD Trade Weighted Index" double faster falls back than he could gets up !!! To interpret this development is right here right now really to heavy for me ..

    More import of that fact is in my opinion follwoing question ...
    Did The 80 Index Points In The "USD Trade Weighted Index" Keep ?

    On the 12/05/2006 the "USD Trade Weighted Index" closed by 79.99 Points ...
    Was This Retrospective The Turning Point In "USD Trade Weighted Index" ?
    Was This Retrospective Also the Turning point In The EUR/USD Cross-Rate ?

    Or was this all the quiet before the storm ...
    And Will The "USD Trade Weighted Index" Break Down Totality - Fall Under 80 Points ?

    Und if the "USD Trade Weighted Index" should break down ...
    How Deep Will The "USD Trade Weighted Index" Than Falling ?
    Or Where Will The "USD Trade Weighted Index" Get New Bottom For His Foots Back ?
    Or Is The USD - "USD Trade Weighted Index" - Under 80 Points a Bottomless Pit ?

    Important questions about questions Fragen - not only for FOREX Traders or FOREX Investors ...

    It`s hard for me to give you right here right now a seriously answer - but let`s get an open discuss about the USD - or make a better analysis after you watch the historical chart in the end.

    Basic Information For The "USD Trade Weighted Index" You Get Here ...
    A weighted average of the foreign exchange value of the U.S. dollar against a subset of the broad index currencies that circulate widely outside the country of issue. Major currencies index includes the Euro Area, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, and Sweden. For more information about trade-weighted indexes see at the Homepage of the Federal Reserve at file://www.federalreserve.gov/pubs/b...er05_index.pdf

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  2. 2007 is to have a US dollar bull trend throughout.:D