What will the stimulus do to mkt?

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  1. If it fails to go through it should be obvious what will happen.

    If it does go through, will it be "sell on the news"?

    Or will the news be soooo good the market will rally because Obama is a freakin genius and will pull off what nobody was expecting?

    Please advise. t
  2. There is a good possibility of $2 TRILLION in bailout/spending being announced/passed tomorrow. What do you think is going to happen?

    Buy now and sell in a few weeks.
  3. I don't know anything about the Mkt, so here's what I think.
    HUGE rally, then HUGE dump.
    Dunno the time frame tho.
    So good luck!
  4. The "stimulus" will grow the size of government, crowd out private investment, aid in reducing the size and growth of the GDP, increase the unemployment rate and make the U.S. economy more like that of France.

    In the short run, it'll produce a pop and that's all Obama and the Dumbocrats (not that Republicans are smarter) care about - the mid-term election.

    After the election, once the Dumbocrats are entrenched with a possible filibuster proof majority, they will start screaming that Republicans single-handedly caused this "catastrophe" and that we must rely on them to socialize the entire economy to restore "fairness" and "prosperity". It's the same tack all governments use to scare people into giving politicians more power.

    I just wonder how long people will buy the BS. People are pretty stupid, so it could be a long time. I hope I'm wrong about that.
  5. Dollar will fall, oil will surge

    potash stocks like MOS and POT will rally

    Large cap tech will rally. QQQQ & EWZ, & FXI
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    Yea, we already are laying on the bottom. Good stocks wont get much lower, so buy now, and sell when the next sizeable rally. Then buy more after a sell off, etc etc. Its great. Anybody can make money now on even the really crappy stocks like FORD when it pops up on the 17th when GM and Chrysler get bailed. But I personally would only buy the very best stocks that are going places. Nothing else makes sense to me but others see good in the crappy stuff or it wouldn't get bought.
  7. past stimuli have tanked the markets...
    any reason why this should be any different?

    Plus, Stock3dollarsleftTurder is bullish on a stimulus, so that's all the info you should need...
  8. The stimuli was good for a quick pop though.
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    funny stuff
  10. Huge dump. Then a new basing level, maybe around 7000 on The $indu.
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