What will the market do if the captured is ...

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  1. What if DNA evidence turns out that the captured is one of dups of Saddam? Will "they" let us know? Just a thought.
  2. They already said DNA is him.
    (IF you believe or trust everything you see on TV)
  3. Imo, if it wasn't him, they wouldn't announce it. It would be very embarrassing if they announced he was captured and then the real Saddam showed up later...
  4. gms


    If I were one of Hussein's lookalikes (oh thank goodness I'm not):

    1. I would've fled Iraq (if I could smuggle out) lest someone shoot me thinking I'm the real McCoy;

    2. Hussein would probably have kept me moving but visible as a decoy and not kept me underground in hiding;

    3. When captured, the first thing I would tell my captors would be "I'm not who you think I am!!!"

    Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe this guy is the decoy and Hussein is paying a lot of money to this guy's family for him to go down in his place.
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    In criminal court cases, it takes "several weeks" for a DNA test. In this case, it's virtually instantaneoud.

    SOMEBODY is lying!!
  6. He does'nt look like the real Saddam Hussein.
  7. are you out of your mind
  8. My biggest question was how was he living in that hole! Did you see that thing? It was closet space.
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    Looks more like Santa hussein:D
  10. No. Are you?
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