What will replace Quicken?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ssuits, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. ssuits


    Charting with trendlines that stay to next day
    good indicators
    good price $35 - *0
    give me some good choices
  2. I'm leaning towards Esignal or Realtic. High monthly $ but not much per year[about 1 -3k]

    For your price target,try this. My recommendation is based upon Steve Goldman's character,company[Yamner] and trading news letter.''alphatrade.com/freedemo''

    My initial impression of the demo only--good as gold but needs more leader windows.[Need more than 10 volume leaders,10 %gainers]


    All gave some, some gave all
  3. ssuits,

    Nothing else I know of comes close to QQL at that price. I've tried eSignal, Qchart, Nextrend, and even Money.net. In fact, although QQL lacks the ability to do Fib. retracements and to add text, and e-mini futures data, it beats even the more expensive QCharts and eSignal in terms of convenience, user-friendliness and visual intuitiveness. I'm doing a free trial on the eSignal "advanced charting" package. The data feed is very reliable; however, if you are already used to QQL, you'll find you have to do more clicks on your mouse to get to where you want to go. Well, they say that if you prepay 12 months, you can get it for $59 a month. After trying eSignal for a while, I've found it to be a tolerable alternative--yes, only tolerable. So, depending whether you want to commit for 12 months paying 25 bucks more each month, eSignal seems to be the better one amongst the list of tolerable choices. (Other members on this board have mentioned DTniq. You might want to give them a try.)

  4. doher


    "After trying eSignal for a while, I've found it to be a tolerable alternative--yes, only tolerable"

    Wow the bar on this fab deal keeps going lower

    from adequate ---> sufficient ----> tolerable---->

    -sounds more like a limbo bar rather then a stock chart bar

  5. Please! It fills a charting / quote service void.

    Remember, the days of "I want my MTV!"

    Now it's "I WANT MY QQL!"
  6. eSignal's going down the shitter. I've seen a marked deterioration in quality of data feed in the past 6 months and this new release is causing a lot of problems. Go look at some of the messages on their yahoo boards; those posts are real problems.

    Go with RealTick. More money, yes. Better data and software.
  7. doher


    I would like to see Stockcharts offer a real-time quotes package at
    a reasonable price.

    They have great looking charts. I especially appreciate the placement of the price data on top of the chart.

    Likewise, placing the EMA's inside the chart pane is an excellent feature.

    The bottom line is that these charts are clean and informative

  8. Now that would be something if they ever got a reliable real-time service. Great indicators and end-of-day charts for now.
  9. I agree. They are good-looking charts, and I am using them. The only problem with stockcharts.com (or possibly any other web-based charting service) is that the different timeframes aren't integrated so you've got to draw separate sets of trendlines for each time interval. That's quite a hassle. But other than that, I simply like them.
  10. Maybe the low price of QQL is the reason that it has to shutdown?

    Either not covering the cost of operation at all or not enough number of their "imagined" type of mass market customers?

    Afterall, real-time data is a niche market product ...


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