What will Obama "Change"? What particular "Hope" does he offer?

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    I'd like Obama supporters to detail his platform.

    Especially, in regards to this ethereal "hope-and-change" mantra, we keep hearing.

    What specific "change" can we expect from Obama?

    What particular "hope" does he offer?

    Please be specific.
  2. Not a supporter but I would like to offer my view.

    Hope.. promised that all will be better as soon he raises taxes on people who are earning money .

    Change ..bringing outsiders to change Washington DC and get rid of the politics as usuall by alligning himself with two of the longest seating politicians ( Biden and Kennedy )

    It all starting to make a sense.
  3. Give it up. There's no question that taxes will be raised. The country has to pay off five years of nonstop, wasteful, no-bid contract war that it got by repeatedly voting Republican.

    The longest serving senator last I heard was Robert Byrd, and the longest serving Republican Senator was Ted Stevens (up on corruption charges).
  4. Just a thought but you could go to both candidate's websites and make an informed choice rather than being led around by others that you've asked on some forum.

    You can download Obama's 60 page (fairly detailed) policy paper on his site. I don't think McCain has one that's comparable.
  5. Hope..........That one day I can be a harder working cash mule for those that choose to sit home and watch Jerry Springer and Oprah, rather than get a job. Who the hell am I, not to give more?
  6. Facts getting in the way of your mantra, AlpineTrout?
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    OK, I just went to his (Obama) site and read through his plan for health care reform. There are some parts I like, but he is still pedling the idea that health care is part of your employment. To me, that is crazy. Ever meet someone who had a pre existing condition or was older and wanted to change jobs but couldn't because his health ins was provided by the employer? It makes as much sense as having your employer buy your groceries. His idea is just more of the same, and its not likely to be an improvement. One thing you get reading through his proposal is "who the hell is going to pay for this?" Health care and higher education have more inflation than any other sectors of the economy. Guess which sectors have the most govt subsidy? His plan does nothinbg to change that.
  8. My health care plan for myself: study nutrition, exercise, psychology and try to keep a good balanced healthy life going.... and somehow avoid paying for sugar eating, lazy, sickies... that latter part is hard due to the governments ideas of fairness or some bullshit they have cooked up over the last few decades that makes no sense to me at all.....
  9. Obama offers inspiring hope to muslims. They too can grow up one day and be president. Or maybe just blow something up. Either way, Obama is not going to be judgmental about it.
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    Okay, so Obama wants Socialized Healthcare paid by private employers.

    Thats one.
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