what will it take for the dollar to strengthen?

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  1. I've been watching the dollar for sometime now and of course I have seen it slide, day in and day out. what are the currency traders looking for to start bidding for the dollar?
  2. gwac


    us interest rates to go up

  3. LOL

    1) Less profligate gubment spendin'

    I was gonna list more, but that's the only one that matters.
  4. ABSOFRICKINLUTELY!! That is the keystone for all of America's financial ills... Not 1/1000 American understands this. And THAT'S why we'll continue to get the same old SCREW JOB... :mad:
  5. 55.00
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    a miracle.
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  8. JB3


    Oil drop.

    Pulling out of Iraq.

    New energy technology.
  9. fseitun


    1) Fix US public deficit

    2) Raise rates

    3) Bush to go home - at least this will happen soon -

    4) Resume international diplomacy and stop idiotic expensive wars abroad

    I am not mentioning oil to drop because i see it as a natural consequence of the US dollar appreciation.
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    What is the difference between 8 years ago and now?

    The right leader in the White House.
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