WHat will it take for GM to fall?

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  1. We all know GM is doing pretty bad, but what will it take for GM to bankrupt and eventially fall?

  2. Time
  3. You really think in a few years GM will be no more? Not even a take over?
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    you just have to take a look at the car show this week and see what the Germans and Japanese will be offering in the near future...on the other side GM'S pathetic offerings.my guess is that in 2-3 years GM will have to shut down.
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    To answer your first question= not much @ all to fall;& has last 2 days.


    Still like my 1994 GM old Oldsmobile;
    too bad i dont buy many GM parts for it:cool:
  6. i want to keep buying it with these posts. its still the #1 car manufacturer in the world, think about it.
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    yea, but not for long, Toyota will pass them by next year.
  8. Cut the dividends and you'll see a large effect on the stock price.
    Good one hairdresser, the technicals still support it... Although if we see some more strong distribution today, I'm out.
  9. Had it not been for the fancy accounting in pension liabilities, GM would probably already be in bankrupcy.
  10. $10 earnings per share by mid-decade

    GM Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer John Devine said: "We are continuing to work toward our aggressive target of $10 earnings per share by mid-decade. Although it appears that this goal is becoming more difficult to achieve, we are looking at a variety of opportunities that will help us reach this target. Earnings of $10 per share by mid-decade remains the goal."


    GM reports Q4 earnings on the 26th. Earnings of $10 a share, hmm, can ya see the rabbits Lenny?!
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