What will I be shorting?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by chaykapwr, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. IBM....starting to short it 193-198

    will short HUGE at 208-218 . First target is open.
  2. so?

    do it

    of course its only 188 right now.. so why the F would you post this now?!!!

    this site really attracts clowns
  3. What the fuck is wrong with you? this site is fucked seriously

    Its like if you post after the fact then everyone says FAKE you posted AFTER THE FACT

    and now i guess if you post too early you are a clown.

    This site is going to shit quickly.
  4. why will you short ibm ?
  5. strictly technicals
  6. N54_Fan


    Could you please explain WHY?? and what you see in the TA that makes you want to short this. Based on my analysis I think that is a bad trade. I will not be going long IBM as I think there are other better trades out there but I CERTAINLY would NOT chort IBM here.....at least not yet.
  7. I am actually with you. You don't need to give any reason for your choice to long or short, as long as it works. And I agree that posting in advance or at the trade is correct.

    IBM a good short. Be careful on general market uptrend bias though. Just my 2 cents.
  8. ElCubano


    dont pay any mind to Icecubed......
  9. N54_Fan


    I agree to post in advance is best. It would be nice to know what he sees in the TA that makes him want to short and WHY those particular prices. This is supposed to be a forum to discuss trades not just time stamp the actual trade. Also, what is your stop or Buy to cover price for this trade?

    In fact I have looked at this so much I actually think IBM is definitely a long position here. I am going to paper trade this against you as I choose to invest my real capital in other trades more so than IBM. So I will paper trade this and have my target at $211 which is above your highest short price. Price of paper trade purchase will be at the open price today.

    I dont usually paper trade but interested in seeing if what you say will evolve.
  10. My highest short price is 218. Reread my first post. Once I get it, then the targets will be determined and usually its +10 % in a couple days and then I see.
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