What Will Happen When The US Dollar Is Not Accepted Anymore?

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  1. Here is the link saying the UN is proposing ditching the US dollar as the world currency and create a new one.



    At first it was China and Russia proposing this. Now it is the UN. It is just a matter of time before this will happen.

    I wonder what role will the US play in this New World Order and how it will affect us all? It seems to me there will be One World Leader who hides behind the mask and control the new currency and in turn everybody else.
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    The UN admin, the Russia and China all would like to see the U.S. fail. Don't bet on it happening in our lifetimes.
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    I own thousands of junk silver coins. :D
  4. Managed exchanged rates do not work.
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    Every few months some dolt pops up and says the US Dollar is going down the tubes and nobody will want them any more.

    I noticed this occurring back when the Euro was announced. Libtards everywhere where sure this spelled the end of Dollar Dominance - the liberal wet dream. Only people blinded by their political views fell sway to that siren song of nonsense. Yet it continues to this day.

    Are there problems, concerns, cautions with using Greenbacks? You bet. Is it possible to imagine a better currency, one controlled by rational minds with sound economics? Certainly. Might it come to pass that one day a medium of exchange that is better than the USD would replace it? Absolutely.

    But that day is not today. The problem is not problems with the dollar, but which damn currency do you switch to? Euros? Pesos? Some nasty BRIC currency? I believe it was ol' Tom Jefferson who said something like "Democracy is a terrible form of government. Unfortunately, all the others are even worse." Well, the same thing applies to dollars. WTF else are you going to trade with? Some nasty currency propped up by socialists? LOL.

    OMFG! I just glanced at the article.

    LMAO! Yeah, that'll happen. A UN currency. LMAO! That's the funniest thing I've read in months! And people are so stooopid they believe this bilge.

    Good lord, it must take these people hours to find their way out of their homes when they want to leave. "WTF is that front door? I just used it yesterday. Is this it? Nope, another closet. Damn!"

    These idiots make the cast of Deliverance look like a collection of Einsteins.
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    Bottlecaps :p

    Seriously though, check out history, we used to use even measuring sticks as currencies at one point ( Henry VIII if you want to look it up ) in order to outwit the stupid banks. All it takes is some forward thinking, as for your comment about 'liberals' you sound like some butthurt neo-con to me.
  7. dude, whatcha smokin'?:D
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    The problem with the current system isn't due to floating exchange rates, it's due to the mixed exchange rate policies globally. The current crisis is a result of pegged rates to the dollar which have caused huge global imbalances. It created cheap credit for the US, and a huge build in foreign reserves for the countries managing their peg to the dollar.

    The new proposal by the UN is not an improvement. It will only create more crises' in the future, or even worst, civil unrest and wars, when the central planners get their policy wrong. No people of sovereign nations will accept a global elite controlling their wealth potential for a sustained period of time.
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    all the paper money is going to zero. Just a matter of time. Generations? 15 years? May depend on the next big event that creates a civilization "reset" as the "O" supporters are fond of saying.
  10. Pascal wrote: ""No people of sovereign nations will accept a global elite controlling their wealth potential for a sustained period of time.""

    Ya mean like American Citizens and our Federal Reserve?
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