What will happen to wallsteet and wallstreeters if within 10 years another crisis

Discussion in 'Economics' started by mahram, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. I was wondering what will happen to wallstreet and wallstreeters when within the next 10 years another economic crisis hits. This paul guy thinks wallstreet will be no more. think of this aig, lehman, etc people were threatened with death, anybody connected with them, goldman people had tours of people going throught to their homes, if another crisis hits its over with.
  2. They had a crisis 10 years ago, is it still there?
  4. new$


    They will be M and A'd to Europe !!
  5. I'm more worried about myself, thanks.
  6. lol well it wont effect me Im canadian :p, if anything it would benefit canada b/c we would be beyond the range of american laws.