What will happen to the LEH leap options if taken over

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  1. Lets say you sell an OTM calendar spread

    sell jan10 10C
    buy sept08 10C

    if leh announces the buyout at $10 over the weekend and stock gaps up to ~$8-10. Do those options basically lose most of their premium and only retain the intrinsic value?


    normal behavior where the 10strike calls would gap up per the greeks (delta).

    Does anyone know? I should paid more attention to the bsc options when they announced the $2 deal.
  3. i am not clear on what you are saying.

    Lets say the takeover is for cash at $11, monday open leh gaps up to $10.5

    Are you saying leh 2010 strike10 calls will be worth only $0.5-$1(the intrinsic value around the $11 buyout price) instead of say $4 ?

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    why not just use the stock as an option?
  5. Yes but not 100% guaranteed. Here's why.

    If the takeover is for CASH, then the value of the underlying stock is <i>never</i> going to be more than $11.

    But, if a higher bidder comes along before the deal closes, then the stock can move higher. To allow for that possibility the calls may have some premium. But, if it's a 'done dedal' with no chance of anyone else buying the copany at a higher price, then one buck would be the upper limit for the call's price and, the LEAPS 10 call can never be worth more than $1.00.

    This is true for all expiration months. Once the deal is final and the price is $11/share, all of the $5 strike calls will trade @ $6.00 and the 10 strike calls will trade at $1.00.

    Higher strike calls would have no bids.

  6. you mean takeunder?!?
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    Mark, I have a general question. How about if the takeover is thru stock? Let us say WB taken by WFC. If I have 2009 April WB calls, and the takeover is completed by the end of this year, what will my calls be treated? Thanks.