what will happen to TDA and E*Trade stock symbol after merger?

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  1. They are merging with Schwab and M.Stanley ....

    Lets say if i have bought E*trade stock 100 shares ....will TDA and E*trade stock disappears? and what happens to my shares ? Thanks
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  2. %%
    Cant really predict it;
    mostly they pay a premium/but not always..........................................
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  3. One way or another, you will be credited with shares of equivalent value.
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    Corporate action to be announced.
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    Three conservatives responded to you and couldn’t be bothered to give you a proper answer. Both merger are stock transactions. If you own 100 shares of E*TRADE, you will get about 105 share of Morgan Stanley.
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    Most of these deal are dealt with you getting the equivalent of shares of the new parent company. You can also stick it out for a squeeze out when you think synergies won't come through
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  7. Thank you for all replies ...