What will happen to market when/if they get saddam?

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  1. What will happen to market when/if they get saddam?
  2. We've taken control of Iraq... irrespective of whether we catch Saddam or not, he and his buddies can't change the ground realities... I voted for option 1, cos we have already won...
  3. "They" have already decided what to do on countless parties and talks, which took place from white house in Washington to luxury french restaurants in Manhattan to night clubs in Los Angles.

    No More.
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    This is the wrong question. The right question would be 'What will NOT happen to the market' !!!!

    There won't be any rally nor stock market crash,... so the stock market will simply MOVE at the moment when Sadda is beeing caught.

    What will You DO when You hear of it ? Buy ? Sell ? Look and see ?


  5. 11:53 ET Trading floors cite short-covering, Saddam capture rumor for market bounce :

  6. Also, interesting to know what will happen to Saddam after they catch him and the market spikes up? And what will happen to him if the market trends up all day, or spikes down? These are all very interesting questions to which only time will give answers. Meanwhile one needs to trade and make profits. After all we are not in it for Saddam, or the market reaction to his capture. We are in it to make money, and that is what WE should try to catch.

  7. 14:43 ET Saddam rumor popping up again today :
  8. 15:00 ET Dow +48, Nasdaq +8, S&P +5.12: [BRIEFING.COM] Major indices jump to new session highs amid rumors of Saddam Hussein's death... The likelihood, though, of such talk is very slim considering the number of times this rumor has popped up before, and been proven incorrect in due time...
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    Huge spike up, only to fade back intraday or early in the following days session. Hopefully the news will break early in the trading day. :confused:
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    My guess is the same thing that almost always happens - spike on news - then back to reality.
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